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Bray's annual Can Food Drive sets a new school record!

Bray recently completed it's annual can food drive, and collected over 2500 cans to help North Texas families in need!  We helped stock the shelves at The North Texas Food Bank, who help hundreds of families in need every year.  
"We estimate that Bray collected about 300 lbs of food," said representatives from the North Texas Food Bank, who came to pick up the cans on Monday.  
"They (students) did a REALLY good thing.  Lots and lots of food.   This is something they'll never forget; helping others, you know?  This will help feed a lot of families."
Thank you to our amazing counselor, Mrs. LaShea White for organizing the can food drive.  Of course, thank you to our AWESOME Bray kids, families, and staff for going above and beyond to help others in need.
It's a GREAT DAY to be a Longhorn at Bray!