Collegiate Prep Elementary

Drop off change

~ MORNING CHANGES- We have had to make a change to address major safety issues that were unable to be resolved by making requests and redirecting inappropriate conduct.  Before and after school drop-off has been moved to door #12 starting on Monday.  
Due to this change, I need parents who do not pay for Right at School service to wait behind the crosswalk until 7:00 AM. Your scholar will not be allowed in the building with scholars who are in Right at School. If they do enter the building before 7:00 AM, there will be a $20 fee per day.  The way you will know that it is not too early is to check your clock on your cell phone, and be sure it is at least 7:00 AM, and door #12 will be propped open.  Right at School will not have the door propped open.  PK will still use door #3 for drop-off starting at 7:00 AM.